Maple Bloom Farm / Tomatoes (Full Size, Cherry)

Cherry tomatoes are a sweet treat that I pop like candy just by themselves, or eat as a complement to any salad. In a salad, I tend to keep them out to the side rather than mixing them in with the salad itself, because I find it too easy for the cherry tomatoes to be pulverized, squashing out most of the juices and losing the flavour and nutrition to the bottom of the salad bowl. Rather, I take a fork full of salad and then chase it with a tomato. I have no recipes in particular for cherry tomatoes, but take a look at our Lettuces recipes for some great salad ideas with which to mix your cherry tomatoes.

As for full size tomatoes, they're always an excellent addition to any sandwich. Slice the tomato in half and then cut the halves into half-inch slices (or however thick you like). I often dice up some onions, pepper, and add a bit of romaine or mixed lettuce on top for a quick veggie sandwich. Here are some recipes from around the web:

Angel Hair Pasta with Raw Tomato Sauce
A unique recipe for making some full-flavoured raw tomato sauce -- with a cheese grinder! The recipe says angel hair pasta, but I'm sure it would be fantastic with any pasta or spaghetti.

More from the Smitten Kitchen -- I love this site because every recipe has a gorgeous picture to show the end product (click on Previous Entries at the bottom of the page to see more recipes posted earlier):

Tomato and kale chips, with cheese -- sounds amazing!

More from where that came from:

And a whole mountain of recipes from Wabi Sabi: