Maple Bloom Farm / Lettuces

Trying out new foods and dishes can be an enjoyable and tasty experience. Here are some recipes to make the best of what you found in this week's veggie box! There may be a few but don't get bogged down on the selection, just pick one and go! You're bound to find something your taste buds will love. If you have any personal favourite recipes for this item, please send it to us and we'll include it on this page!

Lettuces are a classic for salads, adding to your favourite sandwiches, and other dishes. This page will cover our romaine lettuce, head lettuce, mixed lettuce, and include other leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, and beet greens. Here are some tasty combinations and recipes for homemade oil dressings:

The Wabi Sabi Farm recipe index -- look under "Lettuce" in the left column, or "Salads" in the right.

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