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We want you to enjoy everything that you receive in your veggie boxes from week to week, so this recipes page is our little way of helping you get the most out of the season! Just browse through our drop-down menu for recipes that include the veggies you will find in your veggie boxes. From week to week, we'll drop a new recipe card in your share for you to try out!

If you would like to expand beyond the recipes we've linked to here, some excellent cookbooks that we recommend from our personal experience are Oh She GlowsThe Part-Time Vegan, 101 Best Vegan Foods, and The Vegetarian Bible. As you may have noticed, these are vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, which are delicious recipes in their own right and we highly recommend trying, but you can also simply add meat and other ingredients to these dishes if you wish.

We also highly recommend these websites (many of which we will be using for the recipes we link to on our website):
- Oh She Glows:
- The Smitten Kitchen:
- Wabi Sabi Farm:

Eating healthy, trying out new foods, and experimenting with dishes is one of the many joys of taking part in a CSA. We hope you have fun and discover your next favourite dish. Here is a testament to experimentation from PEI foodie and environmental blogger, Shannon Courtney, when she decided to try things out with a veggie she was previously not a fan of:

Radishes are Rad!

OK, the titles of my vegetable-inspired posts are getting a little ....erm..corny. Oh my. Did it again!

So until a few weeks ago I had no love for radishes, whatsoever, but then I had the great fortune of winning a place at the Culinary Institute's  Thrills on the Grill bootcamp.  Along with 9 other foodies/chef wannabes, I got to spend a full day at the Culinary Institute receiving instruction from Chef Ilona on how to prepare a number of dishes.  Many of them had tantalizing titles like Grilled Naan Bread, Beer Can Chicken and Mussels Steamed in Curry Maple Sauce, but there was one I was certain I'd not enjoy - Quick Radish and Cucumber Pickles. I have a great dislike for pickles, so I couldn't imagine actually enjoying this dish. Still, I like to be adventurous when it comes to food, so I decided to give it a chance.  So glad I did, because it was delicious and now I want to eat ALL the radishes! 

You can find more from Shannon at
Goes to show that an adventurous and curious attitude can lead to great things! 
Happy eating!

Jordan and Catherine
Maple Bloom Farm