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CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

We are currently taking on CSA members for the growing season!
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How Our CSA Works

Why Join A CSA?
CSAs create a community relationship between farmers and members throughout the growing season. Membership fees provide us with money at the beginning of the season when we need it most to pay for seeds, equipment, labour, and other expenses. 

You as a CSA member get fresh, locally grown vegetables every week and you support us as farmers. We are able to reduce the burden of upfront costs so we can simply focus on growing great food for you.

What You Will Receive
When you join our CSA, you'll receive 20 veggie boxes over 20 weeks from June to November filled with fresh, local veggies of your choice. 

If you join partway through the season, you only pay for the weeks remaining in the season. If we have a surplus harvest, we share in the bounty by offering our members extra vegetables to take home!

Veggie Box Sizes

What's the right fit for you and your family?


Seed Money - Membership Fees

Fees at the beginning of the season help us pay for seeds, equipment, labour, and other expenses while your food is growing. We offer the following payment options: 

  • One-time payment - pay when you join or in 30 days.
  • Half now / half later - 1st half when you join or in 30 days / 2nd half after you've received 4 veggie boxes.
  • Monthly - 5 payments from July to December.
  • Weekly 20 payments from July to December.

Pickup & Home Delivery

Veggie boxes will be available for pickup on Tuesdays from 4:00-7:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00pm at the Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue (between CBC and Sobey's).

We also offer home delivery in Charlottetown and Stratford through their local food home delivery service. You can change from week to week according to your schedule and convenience.

Going on vacation? No worries! You can put your veggie box on pause while you're gone and start again when you return. You can also give your veggie box to a friend or donate it to charity.

Sign me up! How do I join?

Click here to be guided through our quick and simple signup process, and we'll follow up with you by email shortly after.

       Jordan and Catherine - Maple Bloom Farm